ATSAF , through its office and through the voluntary work of the steering committee and some members, maintains various service and support offers, about which you can inform yourself on these pages.

  • Newsletter

    ATSAF regularly sends information about job offers [ATSAF-JobNews], current events [ATSAF-VeranstaltungsNews], news from the CGIAR and the centres [ATSAF-CGNews] and general news [ATSAF-News] to ATSAF members free of charge. In addition, current calls for proposals and research funding [ATSAF-ForschungsföderungsNews] are exclusively sent to ATSAF members. You can find out more here...

  • Support for project initiation trips

    ATSAF supports travel to or from CG-Centers as well as other internationally active research institutions with the aim of developing, elaborating or preparing projects. You can find more detailed information about the modalities as well as about the already completed project initiation trips here...

  • Travel grants for congresses

    ATSAFawards each quarter a number of grants to support the participation of young scientists in international conferences. Potential scholars must submit an application and meet some specific criteria, which you can read more about here...

  • Conferences

    ATSAF regularly organizes together with the organizers the Tropentag conference. In addition, ATSAF offers assistance in the organization of meetings, conferences, expert discussions, workshops etc. If you are interested in organizing a conference or similar event with the help of ATSAF, please contact the steering committee directly.

  • Publications

    ATSAF itself does not issue any publications. However, ATSAF supports publication projects through its extensive network and has a great interest in promoting the scientific exchange and distribution of scientific results. The steering committee will inform you about the possibilities to support publication projects.